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School Houses

In our school we have four different houses, they are named after the main Lochs.

The red house is Ness

The blue house is Lomond

The green house is Leven

The yellow house is Rannoch

By Caleb


Ness, Ness

We're the best

Work as a team

And beat the rest


Don't worry

Lomond's here

We will win

This year


Go ahead

Be the best

Leven will always

Beat the rest!


Do not panic

You're in Rannoch!

Pupil Voice

Each term our House Captains attend the Parent Council meeting and give a presentation about Pupil Voice.  Click on the links below to see the Sway presentations that our House Captains have given this year.

Term 1 by Lomond House Captains

Term 2 by Ness House Captains 

Term 3 by Leven House Captains

Term 4 by Rannoch House Captains