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S.T.E.M stands for science, technology engineering and mathematics. This year we had our first ever dedicated STEM week!

We had some high school students come to show us some cool experiments.

They had slime and showed us some chemical reations.

Every class carried out STEM activities in class such as building bridges

to see how durable they were. 




Digital Schools Award

We are working hard this year to try and bcome a digital school and we have lots going on in our school.  Our Tech Guru citizenship group and our Digital Leaders are two groups of pupils who are leading the way.  We also have Code Busters as one of our P4-7 masterclasses and Cyber Squad as one of our P1-3 masterclasses.  Both of these give children the chance to extend their learning in ICT.

Creating games at Cyber Squad

Code Busters

At Code Busters we are learning how to code using Scratch. 

Code Club

One of our parents is running an after school Code Club on Monday nights.  The pupils work on different coding modules and at the end of a module they receive a certificate.  They have made great progress so far and the photo shows them receiving their module one certificates.