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School Closure

If the school is closed due to adverse weather conditions please follow the plan below. Thank you for your continued support.

Day 1 : No work required today.

Day 2:

Maths - Revise all times tables taught. If confident, try the division sums.

Language -  Revise all spelling words.

IDL - Visit BBC news round and write a summary of today's news.

Day 3:

Maths - Visit 'Topmarks' website and choose maths games to play.

Language - Write a newspaper report about a snowy day/ wild weather.

IDL - We have been learning about how Christmas is celebrated in Spain, Italy, Russia and Australia. Choose another country to research and write down at least 5 facts about their Christmas traditions.

Day 4:

Maths: Create triangle sums for steps 7,8, 9

Language - Create VCOP sentences using the following connectives: however, never the less, despite, in addition to and contrary to.

IDL: Use your facts from yesterday to create a poster about your chosen country's traditions.

Day 5:

Maths - Visit 'Woodlands junior interactive maths games and activities'.

Language - Choose 5 tricky spelling words and put them into VCOP sentences, focussing on openers.

IDL - Create an advert to advertise one of the items on your Christmas list. Use persuasive language including, WOW words and similes to sell your product.