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School Closure

Number Work

Practise your addition and subtraction using these games:

Practise your times tables using these games:

Practise your multiplication using these games:

Practise ordering and sequencing numbers using this website:

Other ideas: Play a card or board game with your friends. Do a jigsaw puzzle or make a times table poster.

Language Work

Suggested Activities

Read a book and draw a picture of the main character or write a review.

Write a diary describing your day.

Paint a picture of something you did during your time off.

Practise your phonic sounds using these websites:


Practise and learn our P3 Scottish Poem for the competition.

Practise and learn our P3 Scottish Song for Scottish week.

P3 Snaw by J.K. Annand

It’s snawin cats and dugs,

Winter’s owre early,

Hailstones blatter my lugs

The road is smoorit fairly.

My gavel-end is sindert

My hous has growne auld

My ruif-tree is nou flindert

My room is owre cauld.

Ach lassie, show some pitie,

I’m dowie, and I pyne.

Tak me to your hert

And fleg the winter hyne.

Topic- The Romans What can you find out about the Romans? Write down any interesting facts or draw a picture of what you found out.