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1. We aim to create a positive ethos by:-

  • Making pupils, parents and staff feel valued
  • Creating a welcoming environment for visitors
  • Encouraging and motivating pupils to give of their best

2. We will provide an appropriate curriculum by:-

  • Effective planning and evaluating
  • Encouraging pupils to develop according to their needs
  • Using a variety of methods and approaches to deliver the curriculum
  • Taking account of breadth, balance, continuity, coherence and progression
  • Monitoring, managing and deploying resources effectively to improve standards
  • Setting achievable targets in order to raise standards and attainment
  • Implementing informal and formal assessment strategies to assess pupils' progress

3. We will foster the personal and social development of our pupils by :-

  • Encouraging co-operation with and respect for others
  • Building their self esteem
  • Promoting positive attitudes, self discipline and independence
  • Developing their personal religious search, fostering positive attitudes, moral values and a sense of community

4. We will create a good relationship with parents and the wider community by:-

  • Developing good communication
  • Creating opportunities for involvement
  • Respecting and listening to their views

5. We will encourage children to develop positive attitudes to their environment by:-

  • Taking a pride in their local area
  • Developing a sense of responsibility for its care

6. We aim to respond to educational change by:-

  • Monitoring, evaluating and further developing the school plan
  • Involving staff in formulating aims and policies
  • Providing opportunities for all staff to further their professional development
  • Develop staff through the process of staff review and development
  • Identify needs which can be met at school, council and national level