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Our Staff 2018/19

Senior Management Team

Head Teacher - Mrs C McGlynn

Depute Head Teachers - Mrs Chalmers, Timezone - Mrs Vicki Watson

Principal Teachers - Mrs D Russell, Mrs Westwood and Mrs Woodburn

Clerical - Mrs K Brownridge and Mrs K Craig   


Teacher - Mrs D Russell

Senior Early Years Officer - Mrs A Mill
Early Years Officers -Mrs D Campbell, Miss A Fallon, Mrs T Sharples, Ms D Gardiner, Mrs C Judge (peripatetic), Mrs A  McIntosh, Mrs G McKean, Mrs P McBride and Mrs J Savage.

Timezone Teaching Staff

Class 1 - Miss M Brown

Class 2 - Miss A Porter

Class 3 - Miss C Marks

Class 4 - Ms S Saunders

Class 5 - Mrs F Reid

Teaching Staff

Primary 1M - Miss MacLeod

Primary 1C - Mrs Chebe

Primary 1Q - Mrs I Quinn

Primary 2F - Miss Fergusson

Primary 2M - Mrs McMenaman

Primary 2G - Mrs Gilchrist (Mrs Westwood)

Primary 3MC - Mrs McKay and Mrs Cairns

Primary 3Lac - Mrs Laccarini

Primary 3Lan - Mr Landsman

Primary 4H - Miss Haston

Primary 4T - Miss Taylor

Primary 4M - Miss Milligan (Mrs Woodburn)

Primary 5S - Miss Scott

Primary 5B - Mrs Byrne

Primary 6I - Miss Inch

Primary 6S - Mrs Swanston

Primary 7B - Miss Black

Primary 7BR - Mrs Black and Mrs Getty

Learning Support Teacher - Mrs F MacDonald



Specialist Teachers

PE - Mrs I Russell, Mr Ledger, Miss Dalgleish and Ms Nicolson

Music - Mrs A Mackay and Mr Nisbet

Support for Learning Assistants
Mrs Thomson, Mrs Craig, Mrs Finlay, Mrs Myles, Mrs Rodger & Mrs Williamson

Support For Learning Assistants (Timezone)                

Mrs Dibdin, Mrs Ovens, Mrs Thomson, Mrs Robertson, Mrs McLuckie, Mrs Gray, Mrs Aitchison, Mrs Williams, Mrs Laing, Mrs Lorenzetti, Mrs Wilson, Mrs Riach, Mrs Frew, Mrs Sim and Mrs Sneddon.

Janitor - Mr D Wright

Kitchen Staff

Cook - Mrs Thomson
Dinner Ladies - Mrs Gentleman, Mrs Gillespie, Mrs Preston, Mrs Stuart