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The three topics we will be working on are

  • Food in the environment
  • Transport
  • Litter

Eco Group 2016-2017


Our committee meet every second Tuesday at lunchtime.


We organised and took part in a Community Spring Clean in 2017.

Waste Minimisation 

This is some of the food waste in our dining hall.

Food Waste Posters

We made posters to encourage everyone to eat their lunches in the dining hall.

Reducing waste at home

Pen Recycling

We are a community hub for pen recycling with TerraCycle

Eco Citizenship Group 2017-2018

Our Eco Citizenship group has children from P1-P7 and meets once a month

Writing the minutes for our Eco group

Global Citizenship

Supporting Charities

Shoe Share Campaign 

Earth Hour - We support Earth Hour because there is no plan B!

Rights Respecting Silver Award