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Maths at Maddiston

From P1- P7, we use Big Maths to teach our numeracy skills.  You can find out more about Big Maths by clicking on the link below.  It is really important that we use the same terminology and methods when we are talking about number so the children are not confused. 

We are using the Number Talks approach to teach the Calculations section of Big Maths.  A Number Talk is a five to fifteen minute classroom conversation around purposefully crafted computation problems that are solved mentally.  The teacher facilitates the learning rather than teaching and the children share how they solved the problem.  The class then agree on which method was the most efficient.  This method has been shown to deepen their understanding of number.

The children all have access Sumdog which is a maths website and app where they are motivated to practise their maths skills in a fun way both at home and at school.  As they play, they answer questions which are personalised and their progress through the maths curriculum is tracked.  Their teachers can set them challenges and monitor their achievements.  We take part in Sumdog competitions regularly and we have been lucky to have had some of our pupils finish in the top ten! Thanks to Mr Aitken, four of our pupils had great fun visiting the Sumdog headquarters in Edinburgh with Miss Inch and Mrs Rodgers where they were able to trial some new games.


Clicking on the links below will give you more information about Maths in our school and clicking on the weblink will take you to the blog to support numeracy strategy in Falkirk.

Visit to Sumdog Headquarters